For readers who love treasure hunts...

When Jerusalem, a fifteen-year-old girl, freshly graduated from high school, finds a crossword puzzle book hidden by a mysterious puzzler, she encounters clues and solutions that will change her life.

Across continents and history, Jerusalem and her family search for a priceless work of art which, if found, will change the way the world understands the consequences of World War II.

Blank Spaces is a humorous, breakneck-speed novel which takes the reader on a breathless adventure. Plot twists and turns will make the reader want to read it over and over.




This is an unusual mystery, with a family of quirky people.

This mid-western author has a very accurate view of ordinary people. I was not expecting this book to be as good as it is. I should have known better, as his Butcher books are excellent as well. It was a good read.


Great read.

This character-driven novel is a delightful read, whether you are from a small town or not. The author brings the characters to life and you feel that you know each person.
I am looking forward to the next book in the series.



The author has a true understanding of human nature - the desirable qualities along with the less desirable. Whether you are from a small town or a city, you will enjoy the development of truly accepting the personal traits of neighbors and friends. And you’ll even have a chuckle or two!